Selkirk Loop-Montana

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On our way to British Columbia we took a side trip to Ross Creek Cedars in Butte, Montana. It’s a beautiful either 1/2 mile or 1 mile walk through groves of red cedars. Fresh water streams sprinkled throughout, we even spotted a deer drinking from one. My husband lost his sunglasses in a fast moving stream and tried to retrieve them only to have his feet go numb from the cold water. Goodbye sunglasses.

His place truly feels like a magical forest. Amazing looking cedars, some with their trunks entertwined like the one below. To me it looked like people resting.

Above picture is of a bed of river rocks which have been arranged by passers on their way down the trail. We didn’t leave empty handed from this magical place of course, we took with us many mosquito bites. Warm weather and water….


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