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The Burning Light that is a Mother

Mother’s Day Sunday.  Most mom’s social media feeds will be filled with pictures of flower bouquets, designer purses, jewelry, hand drawn cards and other gifts they have received  this special day.  They will post how loved and special they feel, and how they wish this day will never end.  And why should it end?  Should mothers only be celebrated one day a year ? After all , they don’t just take care of their family one day out of the year, or cook one meal, do one load of laundry, hug their child when they are hurt and kiss their tears away ONE DAY A YEAR.  Mothers don’t stop being mothers after Mother’s Day is over.  It’s a lifelong  position.  One that can’t be quit when the “job” is  too hard, or the “pay” is  severely cut back and the benefits at times seem dire.  It is a long and educational journey, being a mother.  One that’s absent of regret, and full of unconditional love. Mothers are that fire that never stops burning when you’re cold, that flicker that always lights your path no matter how dark it gets, and that angel on your shoulder that guides you to the right fork in the road.  Sure we don’t always listen to that angel, or keep that flicker high enough to light the long journey ahead, but in the back of our mind it’s a comfort to know we can reach for it when we are in need. Celebrate your mother each and every day because one day that fire will cease to burn, and that flicker of light will no longer be, and that torch will be passed on to you so you can forge a path of enlightenment for your own children. Happy Mother’s Day, and Every Day !!!



Chicks for the weekend

We’re having a few friends stay with us for the weekend.  Three very small feathery friends that is.  My youngest daughter brought three little chicks home from school for the weekend.  They are so cute and noisy!


I didn’t realize the work it takes in caring for these little creatures. Remind me of having a puppy or bunny.  You have to change their bedding everyday, give them fresh water and feed, take them outside so they can roam and enjoy fresh air and nature.  At night they need warmth to sleep and for that we attach a heat lamp to their box.  Also one of them which my daughter named Caramel ( the bigger tan colored chick) likes to perch alot…we think it might end up being a rooster.  It wants to go everywhere, and for that we need to keep an eye on him and keep some type of ventilated cover on the box.  The grate from our wood stove works great for that.


Our sweet doggy Lily(pictured here) has been keeping an eye on them since we got them.  She needs to be next to them at all times, she acts like an overprotective mother hen (pun intended.)  I don’t know if its motherly instincts? She’s never had puppies, but she whines and licks them if I let her sniff them.  Our adventure will be over on Monday morning when these cuties have to go back to the science classroom at school.  Until then we’ll cuddle them, get pooped on by them and contemplate if we should get our own? But first, I hear summer vacation calling my name.

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