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Selkirk Loop-Nelson BC

One of the last cities we stayed in while driving the Selkirk Loop, was  the town of Nelson. It is a hippie, cute town that kinda reminds me of Berkeley in that way.  The people are friendly and very outdoorsy. We spent one of the days at Lakeside Park. It’s a park that  basically has everything you would want for a great summer day. There is grass and beautiful flowers, plenty of benches, an outdoor bar that serves snacks, cold drinks and even delicious ice cream. There is a beautiful beach next to the lake (Kootenay) where you can rent paddle boards, canoes or kayaks for $7/ person for 3 hours!

I think that’s pretty incredible. We had so much fun kayaking and paddle  boarding. My husband lost his  second pair of sunglasses on this trip while trying out the paddle board.

The downtown area is full of boutique shops and restaurants. We stopped for crepes at this adorable place called Sanderella’s boutique and Starbird Tea house. Inside  is a charming boutique selling jewelry, candles and soaps, but towards the back of the store they make crepes, paninis and drinks.

We didn’t have all the time we wanted to explore this little town, but the three days we spent here were wonderful. Hopefully we can come back one day and explore some more.

 Ghost Town of Sandon

Considered one of the last ” true ghost towns” Sandon B.C was booming in the late 1800’s. It had stores, brothels and even a school. A fire almost destroyed the whole town, but it was rebuilt over a period a few years. Sandon was a mining town, silver mining to be exact. It has an interesting story about two men from different places partnering up the find the mother load of silver and strike it rich. One of them betrays the other (sounds like most stories in history) and strikes it rich while the other moves on.

What’s left of the town can still be seen in the leftover shantys and few buildings. The miner’s old housing was turned into a museum. It has great information  and artifacts about the town and its history.

Walking through Sandon a few trolley buses from the 1940’s can be seen on what used to be the Main Street. The buses are awaiting refurbishing and possible placement back into circulation in Vancouver.

It’s believed there are possibly 10,000 silver coins along the bottom of Carpenter Creek which runs along the ghost town.  Anyone interested in a swim?

New Exhibit, Pterosaurs

My youngest daughter is very interested in dinosaurs, in fact she wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up.  So exciting to travel and dig up dinosaur fossils 🙂  California Academy of Sciences is a very interesting and educational place that we have visited quite a few times.  It is located in Golden Gate Park in beautiful San Francisco, Ca.  If you have never been and are in the area I highly recommend it.

They have a new exhibit called “Flight of the Pterosaurs” which features just that, Pterosaurs.  They have on display many fossil replicas, and a very popular display which is a pterosaur flight simulator where you can fly like a pterosaur and try and catch fish from the ocean.


Besides dino fossils, they have many other interesting things such as a live albino alligator, a rainforest exhibit complete with butterflies and plants from the area, an AWSOME planetarium, aquarium,  and earthquake simulator just to name a few things.

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